NEAT Flooring and Storage

Creating the Garage You've Always Wanted!


NEAT Garage Floors is part of the NEAT Storage and Flooring family. We provide superior storage and flooring solutions for homes and businesses.

A Superior Floor

The reason why NEAT Garage Floors are superior is due to our process and our products.

We first prepare your floor by diamond-grinding your concrete slab. This allows better adhesion of the coatings, preventing peeling and lifting.

We then apply a tinted primer base coat to the ground cement floor. Next is a full layer of decorative chips. The chips are broad-cast for even and full coverage. The final step is a highly durable, chemical resistant, & UV stable polyurea top coat. This means it won't discolor over time, keeping your flooring looking pristine.

NEAT Flooring and Storage

NEAT provides complete storage and flooring solutions for homes and businesses. Our storage solutions include cabinets, shelving, sports racks, ceiling racks, and slat walls. We are New Jersey's exclusive dealer of Monkey Bar Storage systems. The Monkey Bar system optimizes your space by using a layered storage design that also makes it easier to store and get to your stuff. Our cabinets come in  variety of colors to match and enhance your home. 

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